Five Year Old Coder

A child coder created Facebook to become one of the most powerful and richest geeks on the planet.     However,  it has been said that instead of interacting with warm, living and breathing fellow humans, programmers tend to only interact best with machines and text. The more a child programs, the better that person communicates with machines, not humans. Children learn to code, test that code  and learn to expect a certain, exact response.  Then they recode what is broken and test again. Do this kind of child-machine coding and it stands to reason that they will be more comfortable in relationships with machines and less comfortable with their fellow humans.

“When sitting down in front of the computer, its basically man against, or in partnership, with machine”

I should know.   I learned to place chess when I was five and started beating my dad at chess when I was around seven or eight.   As I grew older I was always good at math and science and games.     Then it all dawned on me.    It’s easier to deal with software than humans.  Much easier.  Think about it.

When sitting down in front of the computer, its basically man against, or in partnership with machine.   When we code, we either get it wrong, or we get it right.   It’s up to us.  The machine does what we tell it to do.   Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.   Nothing could be easier for the logical mind. Right?

Social interaction is extremely important. It’s pretty much the main part of every person’s being and self esteem.  If you want your kids to have very good friends and a happy life should you teach them to code at five?  Or it is better to each your children to learn how to interact with other children before they become machine coders?

More to come ….