Perhaps the greatest operating system of all times destroyed it’s own empire and global dominance.  Yes, lawyers and corporate greed killed the unix empire, not technology.   Well, that’s a fact of modern life.  Great technologies create amazing code and business destroys the good work, marginalizing the king makers.


For years linux supporters have talked linux over unix. It was the battle of David versus Goliath for the computing galaxy and David won easily. unix just self imploded like a red giant star.   Greed, copyright wars, legal drama, unix killed itself like a family who argued all the time.

So the battle for the empire raged.

Most unix engineers did not realized right away that the old empire was dying a slow death. Major unix systems became a small part of large organizations because much lower cost linux servers grew in influence.  In addition, there was less controversy and drama in the linux world.   While unix raged self-defeating legal war linux was welcomed on the new battlefield.

The market for pure unix skills continued shrinking year after year the same as we saw mainframes employment opportunties declining in the early 1990’s when Sun, HP and IBM began marketing highly redundant and highly scalable unix systems in data centers.  The dilemma for the unix engineer was to do nothing and continue as a unix engineer while the empire became dominated by linux platforms.  Or, unix engineers could adapt and change career paths toward the newly emerging data center emperor.

The battle for the unix empire raged and low cost linux servers spread across the world faster than anyone could have predicted.   Unix as stuck in it’s own slow legal battleground cultural demise as linux saved the day for everyone.

More to come…..